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CACTI - The Easy Tutorial - Screenshots

Cacti Screenshots
Last Change : Apr 13 2008


Details What is Cacti?
SNMP clients

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attractions in Western Switzerland !! (Please use english translation).

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On the Cacti webiste, you can see more than 40 screenshots about the cacti interface, so this is not necessary to add them again here.
The interesting thing is to show which kind of graphs can be built by the Cacti tool.
You can generate your own graphs or you can acquire templates via the very active Cacti forum to possibly create other more complexe graphs.

Graph generated with a perl script:

Latency, jitter (latency variation) and packet loss measurement

cacti advanced ping latency

World temperature measurement (LWP::Simple perl module needed)

cacti weatherbug temperature

Graph generated with snmp requests:

Wireless clients on two Cisco Access Points

cacti cisco aironet wireless client

Beautiful CPU color graduation

cacti CPU usage

Mails statistics on an IBM Lotus Notes mail server.

cacti mail Lotus Notes

Printer Cartriges statistics on a Hewlett-Packart device

cacti printer hewlett-Packard HP

Harddrive on a Windows 2000 machine

cacti microsoft windows hard drive

Aggregation of two network intefaces.
The IN and OUT traffics are on the same graph.

cacti bandwidth traffic

Graph generated with snmp requests on a Cisco device:

Latency measurement from a Cisco router to another Cisco router.

cacti cisco saa rtt latency

HTTP queries from a Cisco router to a webserver.

cacti cisco dns tcp http rtt

Jitter (latency variation) measurement from a Cisco router to another
Cisco router.

cacti cisco jitter

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