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Kismet - The Easy Tutorial - Prerequisites

Kismet Prerequisites
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Details What is Kismet ?
802.11 Protocol
Wireless & Security

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The major prerequisite for using Kismet is to have a wireless network card supported by the tool.
The list of the supported wireless cards is available at the Kismet website at the section "12. capture sources".

Let's see how we can know a wireless card model in order to be able to check its compatibility:

lspci - list all PCI devices. (lspcmcia - list all pcmcia devices)

00:00.0 Host bridge: Intel Corporation Mobile 915GM/PM/GMS/910GML Express Processor to             DRAM Controller (rev 03)
00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Mobile 915GM/GMS/910GML
            Express Graphics Controller (rev 03)
00:02.1 Display controller: Intel Corporation Mobile 915GM/GMS/910GML Express Graphics
            Controller (rev 03)
00:1c.0 PCI bridge: Intel Corporation 82801FB/FBM/FR/FW/FRW (ICH6 Family) PCI Express
            Port 1 (rev 03)
00:1d.0 USB Controller: Intel Corporation 82801FB/FBM/FR/FW/FRW (ICH6 Family) USB UHCI
            #1 (rev 03)
00:1d.1 USB Controller: Intel Corporation 82801FB/FBM/FR/FW/FRW (ICH6 Family) USB UHCI
            #2 (rev 03)
00:1d.2 USB Controller: Intel Corporation 82801FB/FBM/FR/FW/FRW (ICH6 Family) USB UHCI
            #3 (rev 03)
00:1d.3 USB Controller: Intel Corporation 82801FB/FBM/FR/FW/FRW (ICH6 Family) USB UHCI
            #4 (rev 03)
00:1d.7 USB Controller: Intel Corporation 82801FB/FBM/FR/FW/FRW (ICH6 Family) USB2 EHCI
            Controller (rev 03)
00:1e.0 PCI bridge: Intel Corporation 82801 Mobile PCI Bridge (rev d3)
00:1e.2 Multimedia audio controller: Intel Corporation 82801FB/FBM/FR/FW/FRW (ICH6
            Family) AC'97 Audio Controller (rev 03)
00:1e.3 Modem: Intel Corporation 82801FB/FBM/FR/FW/FRW (ICH6 Family) AC'97 Modem
            Controller (rev 03)
00:1f.0 ISA bridge: Intel Corporation 82801FBM (ICH6M) LPC Interface Bridge (rev 03)
00:1f.2 IDE interface: Intel Corporation 82801FBM (ICH6M) SATA Controller (rev 03)
00:1f.3 SMBus: Intel Corporation 82801FB/FBM/FR/FW/FRW (ICH6 Family) SMBus Controller
            (rev 03)
02:00.0 Ethernet controller: Broadcom Corporation NetXtreme BCM5751 Gigabit Ethernet PCI
            Express (rev 01)
03:01.0 CardBus bridge: Texas Instruments PCI6515 Cardbus Controller
03:01.5 Communication controller: Texas Instruments PCI6515 SmartCard Controller
03:03.0 Network controller: Intel Corporation PRO/Wireless 2200BG Network Connection (rev
We have here an Intel 2200 BG wireless card.

dmesg - print or control the kernel ring buffer

#dmesg | grep Intel
[ 121.552000] ipw2200: Intel(R) PRO/Wireless 2200/2915 Network Driver, 1.2.0kmprq
[ 121.552000] ipw2200: Copyright(c) 2003-2006 Intel Corporation
[ 121.552000] ipw2200: Detected Intel PRO/Wireless 2200BG Network Connection                                    channels)
The capture source is here "ipw2200". This value is used in the kismet configuration file.

lsmod - program to show the status of modules in the Linux Kernel

#lsmod | grep ipw2200
Used by
1 ipw2200
ieee80211 is a Wireless network stack for the Linux kernel.
We see that the "ipw2200" module is correctly loaded.

Before installing Kismet, you can check the last package version and the dependencies:

To see the Kismet package version available:

#apt-cache policy kismet
   Candidate: 2007-01-R1b-1.1
   Version table:
*** 2007-01-R1b-1.1 0
        500 gutsy/universe Packages
        100 /var/lib/dpkg/status

To see the Kismet dependencies:

#apt-cache depends kismet
   Depends: libatk1.0-0
   Depends: libc6
   Depends: libexpat1
   Depends: libgcc1
   Depends: libgmp3c2
   Depends: libmagick9
   Depends: libncurses5
   Depends: libpcap0.8
   Depends: libstdc++6
   Depends: zlib1g
   Depends: wireless-tools
   Depends: wireshark-common
   Suggests: wget
   Suggests: sox
   Suggests: festival
   Suggests: gpsd
   Suggests: gsfonts
   Suggests: libwww-perl

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