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PHPSYSLOG-NG - The Easy Tutorial - Introduction

PHP-Syslog-NG Introduction
Last Change : Feb 02 2008


Details What is phpsyslog-ng ?
Tutorial php-syslog-ng
Syslog Clients

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syslog-ng php-syslog-ng

Phpsyslog-ng is a web interface based on a php script that permit to read the logs generated by a local server or remote machines. The logs are first sent from the local or remote machines to a log collector named syslog-ng and then forwarded into a mysql database.

Please note that syslog-ng is required to use phpsyslog-ng and installing syslog-ng will removed syslogd which is installed on a Linux machine by default.

Some of the advantages of syslog-ng compared to syslogd are the following:

- the log messages can be sent over TCP instead of UDP for more reliability.
- the log messages between syslog-ng hosts can be sent encrypted.
- the log messages can be filtered based on their criticity level or their content.
- the syslog-ng tool itself is very customizable.