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VYATTA - The Easy Tutorial - Tutorial

Vyatta Tutorial
Last Change : Dec 26 2007


Details What is Vyatta?
Tutorial Vyatta
Vyatta & Cisco Commands
Vyatta/Cisco/Quagga Comparison (Quagga section)
Case Study 1 - Static routes (VC 2.0)
Case Study 2 - OSPF simple (VC 2.0)
Case Study 3 - OSPF advanced (VC 2.0)
Case Study 4 - BGP (VC 3.0)
Case Study 5 - VRRP (VC 2.2)
Case Study 6 - NAT (VC 2.0)
Case Study 7 - DHCP (VC 2.2)
Case Study 8 - IPSec (VC 2.2)
Case Study 9 - Packages (VC 3.0)
Case Study 10 - Bridging (VC 3.0)
Case Study 11 - CDP VC 3.0

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To get started with Vyatta for the first time, we recommend to use the Vyatta "Quick Start Guide".
In this page we will give you some keys to help you to get friend with the Vyatta router.

Documentation is available on the Vyatta website under 3 shapes:
- a quick start guide
- a configuration guide
- a commands reference guide

Here are the default accounts with the "vyatta" password:
- vyatta -> to access the routing platform.
- root -> to access the Linux system.

Get connected.

vyatta login: vyatta
Last login: Sun Feb 4 16:30:00 on 0
Welcome to Vyatta on San-Diego
The operational mode where you can see statistics about the router but cannot see or change the configuration.

vyatta@vyatta> configure
Entering configuration mode.
User root is also in configuration mode.
The configure mode where you can change the router configuration.
You MUST use the "commit" command to apply your configuration changes otherwise they will have no effect on the Vyatta Router. This is important to stress the difference with commercial routers such as Cisco where any change takes effect immediately.

Run command.

To run an operational mode command from the configuration mode, use the run command, for instance:

vyatta@vyatta#run show route

Save the router config on a floppy disk.

Format a new floppy disk:

Save a configuration:

vyatta@vyatta#save /mnt/floppy/config/config.boot
If a floppy disk is in the driver when the router boots, by default the file called config.boot will be loaded as the Vyatta router configuration.